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The Libertines wiki - official opening!!

It’s been a ridiculously long time in the making, but on the 21st of December 2008 (7 years to the day when The Libertines were first signed to ROUGH TRADE) The Libertines wiki (the ultimate encyclopedia for all things Libertine-related) opens with around 400 articles about everything from “Shrimp of Destiny” to “Scarborough Steve” and “Roger Sargent” to “Raise the Kaboose”. Users can add their own pages to help us grow, edit others’ pages to make them more accurate, delete unnecessary paragraphs or simply browse for information that they didn’t know before.

Interested? Check back on the 21st of December, when a link to the site will be posted, for everyone to start using.

Merry Christmas,
the shambolian

Nice Smile

tis gonna be Very interesting!

I will follow your work with respect.

best regards /daniel


great site!! Very Happy


Well, tomorrow marks the first month anniversary of the site, and I’d like to thank EVERYONE who has been a part of it so far. Just taking a quick look at the statistics, in the first month we’ve had over 100 new pages written, almost 2000 articles edited, and over 55,000 people view the site. That goes way beyond my expectations, so far, for the website, and I’d like to say thanks to everyone who’s visited us thus far, and don’t forget to keep coming along, to see how we’re growing!

During all of this, I’ve been busy adding new stuff to the site. You will now notice, in almost every single article, that the keywords show up as a link. For example, on the page about “Shotter’s Nation”, the first sentence includes “Shotter's Nation is the second album by English rock band Babyshambles”, and you can click on the word “Babyshambles” to find out more about them, instantly. This is the same for all keywords on most of our 500 pages. As well as this, EVERY track list on EVERY session page and album page now links to the article we have about the song. For example, the first track on the “Shotter’s Nation” page is “Carry On Up the Morning”, which can be clicked to instantly take a user to the article about “Carry On Up the Morning”.

We’ve got loads more new stuff on the way, so check back, and cheers for all your visits so far,


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