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The Albion Wiki needs YOU!

Over the next month over at The Albion Wiki, we're going to try and create as many new pages of information as possible, with a target of having 900 pages by our nine month update (21.09.09). Whilst this means we’ll be working hard to write and update loads of new pages of information, we also need as many users as possible to help out! If you fancy helping us create some new content, simply view a list of pages we need creating here. We really appreciate all new pages, even ones with minimal information, and you can always email/PM/type up your info here, and i’ll make the page for you.

Also, if you didn’t get a look last month, have a look at these; The Libertines: Artwork, Babyshambles: Artwork, Dirty Pretty Things: Artwork, Yeti: Artwork and Peter Doherty: Artwork. We worked hard last month on those pages to make sure they boast links to album art for almost every album, single, DVD and sessions by all 4 bands, and Peter Doherty solo, and they include front covers, back covers, CD artwork, alternative and foreign artwork and more.

As usual, feedback on the site is welcome.

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