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Tea with Tufty presents.....

Pete Doherty
with Graham Coxon, Drew McConnell, Adam Ficek, Stephen Street, Dot Allison, John Robinson
Barrowlands Glasgow
Tuesday 24th February 2009

tufty D50 > WAV > MP3 > you

01 Music When The Lights Go Out
02 Arcady
03 Last Of The English Roses
04 1939 Returning
05 A Little Death Around The Eyes
06 Through The Looking Glass
07 Palace Of Bone
08 What Katy Did
09 The Lost Art Of Murder
10 Fuck Forever
11 I Am The Rain
12 Sheepskin Tearaway
13 Lady Don't Fall Backwards
14 Sweet By And By
15 New Love Grows On Trees
16 Broken Love Song
17 Albion
18 crowd
19 Time For Heroes

MP3s - 161mb zipfile on megaupload -

FLACS - 383mb zipfile on megaupload -

sample track - F*ck Forever MP3 here - ... rever.html

Hello everyone, here it is at last!
Not the best ever, but passable under the circumstances. I hope you like it. I need to go and sleep now.....

Cheers for this Rich!

I looked on Tufty's site only a week or so ago when I was going through all my Favourites. It looked as if he wasn't running the blog any more, it just seemed to be a front page with no links. Anyway, good news about this although the download is so slow I think it might time out.

I assume powermonkey didn't tape Sunday's show? I've been keeping a look-out for it all week.

I'm uploading it again now.  Don't think powermonkey recorded the earlier show, certainly hasn't mentioned it.  

Can't answer any further about the tea with tufty blog other than what you found, read somewhere it had been merged with another blog but can't supply any more information sorry.

Nice one, thanks mate!

I'll give it a little listen tomorrow. What's the quality like?

Haven't listened to it yet sorry Embarassed EDIT: it's pretty good mostly.  Death around the eyes is cracking Very Happy

tufty now posts on this blog-

Dapperchapper wrote:
tufty now posts on this blog-

Thanks for the link. Smile

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