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So should we consider Britney worse or just as bad as Pete?

Or is this a major double standard?

Has Pete ever held his kid hostage whilst clutching a suicide note before being whisked away in an ambulance in front of the worlds media?

What kind of role model to kids is she? I dare say the average age of her fans are much younger than Petes'.

Why is Britney just troubled and yet Pete labelled an 'untalented junkie'?

The girl is a fucking pig, she's never wrote a song, probably never sang live and doesn't wear knickers. She takes drugs, binge drinks, shaves her head, has odd relationships with the very people who she says invade her privacy, drives around with her kids on her lap, and stayed in with her kids as often as she turned down a line of coke.

So who is the worst?

A small time crack/heroin addict singer/songwriter and frontman or the multi-million selling 'pop princess' turned total fruitcake, addict, and social workers wet dream?

I'd say just as bad as each other.

In his peak of drug taking, doctors said it was confusing that Pete wasn't dead at the amount of drugs in his system.

A guy who burgles his best friend's flat, spurts a syringe full of blood at a television camera, shaves his head, dyes his hair peroxide blonde, has been recorded walking around high as a kite with his dick out, which was on a website for fans, cutting himself on camera which was recorded for a DVD and the countless amount of times he has driven erratically (sp?) whilst either holding a large amount of drugs or has a large amount of drugs in his system (or both)

Also allegedly being involved in the death of a small time actor and drugging his pets.

Britney is hot.

Feel sorry for both and hope both can turn their lives around

hope britney gets 10

I blame immigrants and political correctness!

I blame obese children.

dean_bpm wrote:
I blame obese children.

another thing that pisses me off Laughing  parents who allow their children to become obese, there's just no need for it

Give us a big-mac Mel!

sorry, I ate it Very Happy

I blame the parents and immogrants.

Britney Spears is a bit of a fuck up indeed though, so a clip of her getting out a car with a drink in one hand and her kid in another, almost dropped the baby!!

i do feel sorry for her but in fairness she courts the publicity.... she needs to get away & sort herself out.... bit i spose pete did many a time too!
i think maybe they thrive on the attention... even the negative stuff...??

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