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Shambles at Moonfest..... errr, no, actually.

Gutted. Show off over fears of public disorder. I blame the cunts who got onstage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Fucks sake. Was really looking forward to that and had booked time off work.

Evil or Very Mad

We carried out an analysis of what Pete Doherty and his band does.

"What he does as part of his routine is to gee up the crowd.

"They speed up and then slow down the music and create a whirlpool effect in the crowd.

"They (the crowd) all get geed up and then they start fighting."

What a load of bollocks! Rolling Eyes
Ricky Foley

Yeah loved the fact they took 3 days to make an analysis of what Pete and the band do! Laughing
But yeah, have to agree with you Mr Monkey, the Royal Albert Hall antics definately made an impact here...

But the organiser is at fault for only having 10 stewards when 5000 tickets are available
So personally think it's the right decision

Mel wrote:
But the organiser is at fault for only having 10 stewards when 5000 tickets are available
So personally think it's the right decision

The fella who was organising it is quoted as saying that the police approached him during the court proceedings, and offered to let the objection drop providing the Shambles were taken off the bill. He said that they told him that they hated that Pete lived locally, and didn't want him on their patch. He's quoted saying that in the Guardian.

What cunts.

Do your bit.

Update for you all :

John Green from Moonfest posted this on the efestivals forum earlier today, and gives options for ticketholders:

"Dear All

It is with huge regret that we have to make the following announcement:

On Monday 18th August we appeared before Chippenham magistrateís court where the police successfully convinced the magistrates that the appearance of Pete Doherty at Moonfest was likely to cause public disorder. Using section 160 of the licensing act 2003, the magistrates revoked our licence for Friday 29th August. With Pete and Babyshambles being our headlining act for the weekend, this draconian action taken by the Police make it impossible to run the event at the end of August so we have therefore postponed Moonfest to next year. All Moonfest 2008 tickets are automatically valid for Moonfest 2009.

To say we are surprised and devastated at this weeks events would be an understatement. The Police attended every public event licensing meeting over the last 6 months. They have always been aware that Babyshambles and Pete were appearing. The police also attended the public hearing on the 24th July when the licence was granted and made no objections; indeed they actively supported the event at the meeting. We are currently carrying out the huge task of contacting all the people involved in putting the festival together.

Well where do we go from here? As you can imagine the ramifications are far reaching and a huge amount of distress has been caused to all concerned not least the people who have bought tickets and were so looking forward to coming to Moonfest. Thankfully every cloud has a silver lining. Coincidently Surfstock are running their festival on the same weekend as ours and have today confirmed that they will honour Moonfest tickets for their festival at no extra charge. Please visit their website Itís a really great festival and if you fancy going you must e mail them first

Also we can now confirm that very soon on a date to be announced shortly we are going to invite everyone who has been affected by the events of this week to the most amazing private performance. Pete Doherty phoned me personally yesterday and has offered to put on a private performance totally for free. He even offered to do it in the barn at his house! Since then many other bands that were booked to play at Moonfest have come forward to offer there services free in order to support us and the people who have bought tickets at the forthcoming party. They include 4th Street traffic and the Ozric Tentacles. We will be sending out invitations soon and we do hope you all can come.

We really would like to thank everyone for their continuing support and ask that that continues! I, and the staff at Moonfest are not going to let this beat us. We have suffered a huge blow which in our view is entirely unjust however Moonfest will happen and will be the first of many. Please everyone help us to make Moonfest what was always intendedÖ. The Best music event in Wiltshire.

To surmise, what can you do with the tickets you have purchased?

Firstly: Tickets are valid for Moonfest 2009 and we would really appreciate it if you could hold onto them and come to next yearís event.

Secondly: All ticket holders will be sent a personal RSVP invitation to our free private Moonfest show where Pete Doherty, 4th Street Traffic and the Ozric Tentacles plus more to follow will be performing.

Thirdly: Your ticket is valid for Surfstock on 29th Ė 31st August. All you have to do is email their ticket office in order to validate your ticket. Donít forget though you will still be eligible to go to Moonfest 2009 as well with no extra charge.

Or if you cannot or donít want to come to the above events, please e mail us and we will send you a refund form. I cannot apologise enough to everyone who has been affected by the postponement and I once again thank everyone for their support.

John Green
Event Director

PS There are a couple of interesting links below which highlight the views of the police.

Also, if you would like to contact us please in the first place send an e mail to as the phones are currently ringing constantly due to the enormous amount of press, TV and radio stations calling in for updates.

Please also keep visiting this site for updates."
(post is on page Cool

Shite. I was going to buy my ticket first thing tomorrow. Dunno whether I'll be able to go to the free thingy without a ticket.


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