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Ricky Foley

Royal Albert Hall

Who went to the Royal Albert Hall tonight then,? I did and what a Bloody good show it was! Very Happy
I managed to video the first 12 minutes but was aked to turn it off. Embarassed
The audience was a strange mixture of drunk and rowdy teenagers and more sedate older people. The guy next to me was filling in the crossword in the Guardian throught the support acts and interval, looked like he's wife had dragged him along against he's will! Laughing
Can't remember the setlist order after the first three/four songs, but he played

Lady Don't Fall Backwards/Bollywood To Battersea
Time For Heroes
Carry On Up The Morning
East Of Eden
You're My Waterloo
Can't Stand Me Now
What Became Of The Likely Lads
Ha Ha Wall
Side Of The Road
Tell The King
Death On The Stairs
What A Waster
Unstookietitled/Fuck Forever
Back From The Dead
For Lovers (first song after the interval, joined halfway through by Wolfman)
Music When The Lights Go Out
Albion (Mick on Harmonica)
Encore:I Wish (Mick on guitar)

The first part lasted about 1 an 1/2 hours, 20 minute interval, second part half hour then encore.
During Time For Heroes some guys down the front kept hassling Pete to wear their hat, which he didn't want to do, but gave in only to throw it back into the crowd after the song. Then during East Of Eden Pete was trying to play Harmonica and guitar and was distracted by someone on the phone so said "we'll try that one again later" which he didn't. Sad  Then during You're My Waterloo, the guy who wanted Pete to wear he's hat threw a coke bottle at Pete, who then threw it back rather well, which resulted in the guy going on stage only for Pete to push him back off before continuing with where he left off.
What A Waster was dedicated to he's "absentee Father" saying something along the lines of "I always use to play it and he would say get a job and cut your hair, but then we released it as a single and come christmas when the neighbours were round it was Peter Peter play them your song!"
The encore was, er shambolic! Pete and Mick came back on to play begining with I Wish only for people to start jumping up on stage, at first it was a few people who security could deal with, then there were 10 people, then 20 all crowding round trying to hug Pete whilst wrestling with security (Pete continued to sing through out). There may have been 50 or more people on stage I don't know, but Pete had to be bundled out the stage door whilst the satge was covered with people and a few taking hold of mike stands etc, a few cups and bottles were thrown and at that point we left. Confused

It was a great performance I thought, highlights being Lady Don't Fall Backwards/Bollywood To Battersea, Can't Stand Me Now, which was Followed by What Became Of The Likley Lads, the medley of Unstookietitled and Fuck Forever ending with Unstookietitled again. For Lovers was really good too, I just don't like Wolfmans vocals and he sang my favourite lines "Im running away with you, away from yesterdays new, lets leave it all behind, help me back to my mind". Shame East Of Eden and You're My Waterloo were ruined, but it was still a good and memorible night. Very Happy

Ps I thought Mick looked rough, he's got longer hair than I remember and its pitch black, which makes him look like Ronnie Wood...if he hits he's centuary!
Plus I hope some else hasn't already started a thread! Embarassed  Embarassed

Edit: I just remembered Pete also played Suicide In The Trenches, which was a nice surprise. Very Happy
Laughing Also forgot Arcady  Embarassed , Beg Steal Or Borrow and There She Goes.

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