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Terribly disappointed. Not a little embarrassed. Never thought I'd see the day that I'd be ashamed of other Shambles/Peter fans, but that day has come.

Decent enough show - if that isn't damning it with faint praise - but a massive number of wankers. Lots of shouting, people being cocks. One kid threw a bottle at Peter. Peter threw it back, kid tries to get on stage to have a go at Peter. Peter pushes kid off stage.

Personally I didn't actually see the show, cos of the couple standing in front of me throughout, dancing in a very strange way. Couldn't ask them to sit down, obviously, because I was - as is so often the case - sacrificing my night to tape. Anyhoo.

Bit of an interval, on comes Peter again. Starts I Wish, then on come the kids for a stage invasion. Chucking stuff about, dragging Peter all over, Mik caught up in it. The little table Peter had next to him got chucked about, with all his stuff. Drunken young twats chucking the mic stand about. Someone got pushed off stage and knocked out, by all accounts. Someone could have been very badly hurt indeed.

Lights up, everyone told to leave. Get outside to find a fire engine - because someone has set off the fire alarms, a a fair old number of police cars.

Could have been - should have been - a wonderful, celebratory night, and it ended up a fucking disgrace.
Ricky Foley

Totally agree there Powermonkey, I was expecting it to be rowdy, but had my fingers crossed it would'nt be too bad. The stage invasion was a disgrace! I was hoping it being the RAH people would have appreciated the venue and it's hard working staff and would have enjoyed looking at the photos on the wall of past perfomers and would be able to say proudly in the future "I was there when that picture of Pete's first appearance was taken" Now there won't be another time. I was hoping for a more petit bougois affair, as the rowdy crowds at the solo gigs usually put me off and im a music nerdy guy who likes to take in every word and note of the performer.
For me it doesn't take anything away from the music, it was magical enough to be memorable for me, Lady Don't Fall Backwards/Bollyward To Battersea was on Shaking and Withdrawn, which was the first session I downloaded beack when I was at college. I was hoping for You're My Waterloo and Can't Stand Ne Now and never thought What Became Of The Likely Lads would follow.

Lady Don't Fall Backwards going into Bollywood To Battersea was lovely. Those two songs are lovely in their own right, but they work together BEAUTIFULLY.

I did go Shocked when he played ...The Likely Lads.

He did a little bit of a cover of Country Joe and The Fish, and I'm pretty sure he sneaked a new tune in there somewhere.

Ace version of French Dog Blues, too.

Never in a million years thought I'd see Peter play the RAH, and I don't think they'll book him again.
Ricky Foley

Yes when he played French Dog Blues me and my mate just looked at each other... Shocked It worked so well, he slowed it down a touch and it was perfect, would never had guess he'd play that or Likely Lads.
Lady Don't You Fall Backwards/Bollywood To Battersea was the perfect way to start an acoustic evening at the RAH.
I was sooo pleased to finally hear Arcady too! Very Happy
It was my mates 21st last month and I paid for he's ticket as a birthday present, we had Gallery tickets, but went to the box office this afternoon and paid an extra tenner each for stalls, and we were row 9 seats 3 and 4. Shocked It was next to the stage and was perfect.
It's a shame about the behaviour of the fans, I for one would like to see Peter Doherty taken as a serious songwriter rather than a talentless twat like alot of people wrongly think. This was such an important night for him and I felt like he made an effort for the fans with the setlist and this was no way to repay him. It would have been great if he could have played more gigs there and at similar venues but it won't be happening and the fans behoviour reflects back to him. Confused
Me and my mate laughed when we walked past 2 staff members who said "this so should be interesting tonight", we didn't relise they were prophets of doom. Confused

i was there last night, the person i was meant to go with pulled out 30 mins before i had to leave so i took my dad, he is now a converted pete doherty fan, he loved his performance and the music and now wants me to upload a load of songs he played last night on to his ipod.

but i cant believe how it ended. it was shocking and very disappointed that people would behave like that. to be honest i dont understand why people would want to mob the stage and pete and dance around like idiots throwing stuff about.

awwww that sounds horrible  Sad
I hope you guys enjoyed yourself at least a little bit...
Tbh I somehow knew  intuitively that summat like that would happen  Sad
What a shame!
And poor peter  Confused


Just got back, what an amazing weekend.  The gig was amazing, everything I'd hoped for even though I was slightly sideways by the time I got the venue, an afternoon of lager with vodka chasers in Hackney saw to that.  

Set list was pretty much what Ricky said in the other thread except vertigo went into death of the stairs, if you remember Peter saying "which leads me to this".

Didn't get much video footage, I had three blokes standing up the whole way through about 4 rows in front of me, also the security kept walking about, got tell it to the king and some of arcady.  Had to stand up for most of it, so if you were behind me Powermonkey, sorry.

Remember being outside slumped up against the wall listening to some bloke trying to find a friend on the phone "so you were one of the twats who ruined the end of the gig" I laughed at this and shook the guys' hand and staggered off down the road for more vodka and other delights.

It was recorded officially so those who didn't go can buy the dvd Wink

The two who cocked it up for me were in Stalls section M, row 4. Seats 35 and 36 I believe.

Knobheads even turned round and looked at me a couple of times, then shrugged and carried on standing. Cunts!

Oh yeah PM I forgot I told you where I was last week Embarassed it's been one hell of a weekend.

Did he really play likely lads??? oh yes Very Happy

The Guardian review, taken from french dog with thanks.

Pete Doherty's appearance at the Royal Albert Hall was always going to be controversial. But having braved indignation and incarceration, the indie icon turned tabloid whipping boy breezes through the crowd and on to the hallowed stage looking carefree and only a few minutes late.
Originally scheduled for April 26, this, Doherty's biggest solo show, was postponed when he was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for breaching probation. He served just 29 days, but the angry reaction from fans has clearly wounded him. "I got a few letters when I was in Wormwood Scrubs about how inconvenient it was. I thought 'Yeah, it must be really difficult' as I sat in my little cell," he says, coolly.

Aware that the public's much-tested sympathy is finally running out, it's a focused and self-professedly sober Doherty that picks up his acoustic guitar. Dark-suited and brown-booted, he's on good form, the colour in his cheeks and twinkle in his eye perhaps due in part to his reported renewed contact with ex-love Kate Moss.
But Doherty is here for his music. The reality-rooted romance of Lady Don't Fall Back melts into Bollywood to Battersea, but it's the Libertines' Time For Heroes that temporarily ignites the atmosphere.

Doherty's disciples are used to intimate, sweaty venues where they can demand requests and their pound of flesh. But tonight holds a different allure. "People said, 'Pete, play the Royal Albert Hall, it's the silence between songs, the respect from the crowd'." He pauses, sighing: "You ain't heard my lot, mate."

While most are content to merely shout out to their hero, one unsteady fan in the front row invites Doherty's ire - chatting on his mobile and throwing a soft-drink bottle at the singer - and has to be removed by security guards. Still, Doherty plays with tenderness and warm affection. Rather than selecting songs from his yet to be released solo album, he gets "all nostalgic", with a run of Libertines favourites including The Likely Lads and Vertigo, though curio You're My Waterloo and a rendition of Siegfried Sassoon's Suicide in the Trenches wash over less knowledgeable fans.

Back after an interval and two rum and cokes - "I can't see straight," he jokes - Doherty is joined on stage by the Wolfman, whose out of tune vocals sabotage This Is For Lovers, while his lack of personality only heightens Doherty's charisma. Babyshambles guitarist Mick Whitnall plays harmonica on the hymn-like Albion, with Doherty skilfully building tension until his voice explodes in a husky, desperate cry.

Fuck Forever is as British an anthem as anything the Proms has brought to the Albert Hall and Doherty's finest moment. But just when it looks like he's escaped without controversy Doherty returns for an encore, I Wish.

Helping eager bodies to clamber next to him, he is soon swamped by more than 100 fans. Not used to such irreverent behaviour, security guards lose control of the stage invasion, which soon turns dangerous. One girl is pushed off the stage, while others fall under feet as they try to get closer to Doherty, who disappears out of a side door, his reputation for trouble intact but musicianship reaffirmed.

A rather poor review in the NME today, I'll post a link when I find one (sorry can't type it out at the moment).

Here's the NME review, thanks to Annabelle on french dog for this.

A royal venue and a stage invasion should have made for a memorable night... Royal Albert Hall (July 12)

It’s quite sunny today,” falters the scruffy-haired, lanky figure, lost in the middle of a huge stage. “Did you go to the park? Did you have a good day, even if the concert’s shit?” There he goes again, always pre-empting our judgement. And it is tempting to see this near sell-out solo show as a make-or-break moment, but then how many of those has he had? Already tainted by the small matter of a three-month delay while Pete went back to prison, and with his solo album seemingly up in the air, it’s hard to figure out exactly why we’re all here. Pete looks like he’s having trouble figuring it out himself, winningly space-cadet as ever in suit and open-necked shirt, ambling around aimlessly with an acoustic guitar.

As he eases in with his Tony Hancock tribute ‘Lady Don’t Fall Backwards’ the crowd continues to chatter. Only occasionally tonight does Pete break out that demented squall that announced the opening of ‘Up The Bracket’, but even at its most subtle, that delicately perverse, lazy drawl demands attention. Well, it does at first. He follows up with another rarity, the ‘Help! A Day In The Life’ Warchild charity album track ‘Bollywood To Battersea’, that’s meandering and unformed. It hardly matters, though, when all he has to do is wander to the front of the stage, or strum the most mundane chord progression to inspire hysterical screams.

The problem is that, playing mainly Babyshambles and Libertines tracks, without the ramshackle energy of either band behind him, it’s two hours of just Pete and his limited guitar skills. In this vast space where the subtle words that are his greatest strength vanish into the ether (in the messy Libs divorce, it’s clear who kept the lyrical inspiration and who had the ability to write a structured pop song) it’s a bit much for all but the most besotted fan.

Not that all the 5,000-strong crowd are besotted. He takes the stage to calls of “We love you, Pete!”, “Go on, Pete!” and, less charitably, “Get a job!” A pleasantly nebulous ‘East Of Eden’ is marred as Pete chides a fan for talking on his phone. Later, someone throws a plastic bottle after a lacklustre ‘You’re My Waterloo’, which Pete promptly lobs back. There’s a brief scuffle before the bottle-chucker is dragged away to pantomime boos.

Why then, as ‘Killamangiro’ asks, would you pay to see him in a cage? Well, some people tonight were happy enough to fork out £30 to see Pete, the last of the near-extinct glamorous junkie clichés, strum shapelessly around a cartoon rock bad-boy cage purely of his own making (for all the paranoid, hypocritical mumblings of ‘You Talk’ and ‘UnBiloTitled). Of course, moments like the crowd roaring along to ‘Time For Heroes’, ‘Vertigo’ and, best of all, ‘Fuck Forever’ in this rarefied, Prommy space cut through the bullshit, even post-Winemouse, as do the now-almost-unbearable poignancy of ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ and ‘What A Waster’. But as the encore of ‘I Wish’ ends in a stage invasion that’s about as spontaneously expressive and rock’n’roll as a jester hat at V, Pete makes a swift exit from the scrum and the bubble is burst.

So, is this The End For Pete Doherty? No, just one disappointing gig. It’s hard not to get caught up in either his own self-mythologising, the messianic fervour of his fans or the salacious ambulance-chasing of the tabloids and see it all as do-or-die dramatic. Maybe the end came some time back, when the die-hard Libs fans were so desperately trying to defend him, not with a bang but with a whimper. Maybe he will redeem himself, get a grip and get back to writing astonishing songs. Maybe gravity will stop working tomorrow. Happy endings still don’t bore us, but with so many new stories just beginning, how long are you going to hang around for one?

Emily Mackay
the shambolian


Fucking hate NME

To be honest, I'm glad Pete's "back on track", but I don't really care about him or Babyshambles at all any more. Just nice to know he's doing alright, like an old friend.

You haven't heard about the no show tonight I take it? Wink

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