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Potty Pete the preacher

Pete Doherty is set to make a TV show about drug-abusing teenagers for Channel 4.

According to the Daily Star, the Babyshambles frontman will travel to two estates, focusing on kids addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.

Doherty will take part in music workshops with the kids, as well as visiting a pie and pasty factory with them.

The young people taking part in the documentary are from Langley Estate in Manchester and Manor Park in Sheffield.

Has he got off drugs himself?

pill happy

i can't fucking wait for this,

i'm gonna get 10 cans, some of that micro-wave pop corn, get everything just right, this shit is gonna be comedy gold.

hope its on the week-end, get a few people together,

theres gonna be these young addicts like, "my mam left me when i was two, then i was homeless blah blah....then i turned to herion"

and petes gonna be like "i came from a rich family blah blah blah.....then i turned to herion cause i thought it was cool and romantic......."

pete-"you mean none of you's ever uploaded vids of your crack pipe on you tube"

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