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Peter Doherty - Copenhagen 09/04/2009

Taken from my blog, mp4 format, enjoy

01. Intro
02. Can't stand me now
03. Smashing
04. Death on the Stairs
05. What a Water
06. Love Rain O'Er Me
07. Dilly Boys
08. Time for Heroes
09. Lady, Donít Fall Backwards
10. The Ballad Of Grimaldi
11. Palace of Bone
12. Tell the King
13. For Lovers
14. Up the Bracket
15. Ha Ha Wall
16. Back from the Dead
17. Albion
18. Fuck Forever
the shambolian

Ta muchly

I'm going to upload the FLAC version at some point Wink

Great quality! I'm really looking forward to the lossless flac version smile

I'll try to do the FLAC version tomorrow (thursday).

That's appreciated Rich smile any idea when you'll find the time for the FLAC version?

It's coming I promise, it's gonna have to be two files as it's 320MG.  I have family commitments this weekend so I'll upload it and post it when I can Wink
Rich part one

Part 2:

Thanks a bunch Rich smile just downloading it now

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