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Peter at the Torriano last night - video

Whole show video is up here:

To keep this lovely bar (and intimate cellar gig venue - there were about 50 of us in there) open, please sign the petition here:
You need to give a proper email address if you sign, as a confirmation email is sent to you and you need to click on the link to validate it, otherwise your signature won't be counted.

Brilliant thanks
pill happy

nice one for that really enoyed it.

thats the sorta shit i'd like doherty to do, i really think he should quite babyshambles and just go solo hes much better on his own, just work with a good session band or whatever to record heavier stuff,

That's a fantastic video, thanks!  So Jealous.

Last night was absolutely sublime. Sooooooo good.


Very Happy

Just ripping the video from the web. If anyone is interested in a downloadable version, let me know.

wouldnt mind a download Smile

You can download it dead easily by signing up to vimeo, free.

Arg, I didn't know about that powermonkey :-/

I uploaded it anyway so if anyone wants to work around registering at vimeo, here is your chance:

You can play back this video file with VLC or MediaPlayerClassic:

thankyou very very much
love junkie jim

thank youuuuuuu! x but link is dead, re-up please??? x

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