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Old Greg

Pete - the most annoying people of 2007

Anyone seen this BBC3 poll program thingy?

I think Pete was about 6th or 7th, which in itself is hardly suprising or news but it was quite funny. These absolute non entites (well i hadnt heard of them) getting tore in - only good for herion and no talent etc all to the back drop of albion hmmm.
pale thin boy

i agree with them
Old Greg

Dont disagree really my point was saying he had absolutely no talent while playing albion in the background

Saying he hasnt talent is stupid, but to be honest when its trumpets like the ones that who give their insight in these shows saying these things, who cares? Those top 100 most embarrassing moments shows on 5 are the same, arseholes like donny tourette and that tompkinson clown, who is in every one, and are probably doing it for free.

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