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Pete taken off treatment order...

Nice one, fella. Keep it up!

Pete Doherty's drug treatment order revoked
By Iain Gray and agencies
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 24/10/2007

Troubled singer Pete Doherty is celebrating today after a judge removed the remaining term of a drug treatment order.

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The Babyshambles frontman emerged delighted from Thames Magistrates' Court in east London after being told by District Judge Jane McIvor that she was going to revoke six months of the two-year order after being convinced by experts.

Delighted: Pete Doherty outside the court
Warning him that it was not the end, but only the beginning she added: "You must be pleased."

Judge McIvor said the experts had convinced her that the plan already in place for Doherty to be clean was going to be followed. She said: "There is no need for statutory supervision or state funding."

Outside court Doherty told a large crowd of reporters and photographers that he was going to have to stay drug free, saying "I have just had enough really."

Reiterating the judge's quotes he said: "It's just the beginning, you know what I mean. My life has changed."

Adding that there was always the pub, Doherty said he was taking one day at a time, and that he wanted to get back on the road with his band.

Doherty has appeared in court on a number of occasions for varying offences over the past year.

At another review in the same court in April the judge told the singer that he was "more than cooperating" in his struggle to beat his addiction to drugs."

There's always the pub!


"I have just had enough really."

Errr. t'other judge gave him another treatment order.




Monkey-stocks for you.

I don't care anymore.

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