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Pete solo, Rhythm Factory (2007-12-16) mp3s!

Hehe. Fantastic night, hope you good folk love the recording as much as I loved the show (and as much as everyone else there seemed to)! I reckon this is far and away the best recording Iíve made yet. Listening to it now.


1] Intro
2] Fuck Forever
3] At The Flophouse
4] Donít Look Back Into The Sun
5] Carry On Up The Morning
6] The Delaney
7] Death On The Stairs
8] Banter
9] UnBilotitled
10] Never Never
11] La Belle Et Le Bete
12] Tell The King
13] Youíre My Waterloo
14] For Lovers
15] What A Waster
16] Canít Stand Me Now
17] Lady Donít Fall Backwards
18] Bollywood To Battersea
19] Time For Heroes
20] Dilly Boys
21] The Blinding
22] Bucket Shop
23] Banter
24] Through The Looking Glass
25] Up The Bracket
26] Music When The Lights Go Out
27] Encore Break
28] I Wish
29] You Talk
30] What Katie Did
31] Outro

What a setlist!!!!! Pete was on the best form Iíve seen him yet. Enjoy!

Lineage: Church Audio STC-11s > FEL BMA1 Preamp > Edirol R09 (24/44.1) > Audacity (80Hz HPF, EQ, normalise) > WAV(16/44.1) > VBR mp3 > you.

Very Happy


leg end!

Nice one, cheers!
Ricky Foley

Shocked  Very Happy Thanks can't wait to hear it!
Wish I was there just to see tracks 3,4,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,22,24,25,26,28, and 30! Laughing

thank you soooooooo much for giving us this (again;))

Thankyou very much Very Happy

magaupload anyone? i know its a fuss but my computer and sendspace dont get on. never works:(


Not my re-upload, but should work.

powermonkey wrote:

Not my re-upload, but should work.

Thank you Mr Powermonkey

THANKYOU- was struggling to download your recording with sendspace but the megaupload one appears to be working  Very Happy

Great recording thank you !!

o_wild wrote:
Great recording thank you !!

Thanks very much! Glad you like it.

Very Happy

many thanks powermonkey you as ever rock !!! great recording there

last night i dreamt that weíd never grow old
weíd cast our dreams in solid gold
and the glass is warm and the gold is cold
but shall we still have our love?

i woke today in this grave i rent
see how all your loveís been spent,
got arms bent round the door,
begging for your love

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