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Ricky Foley

Pete Plays Gig In Front Room For 15,000

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this on the forum yet...,000%20for%20concert%20in%20Pete%20Doherty's%20front%20room/

Basically an Amercian couple flew over and paid 15k for a private 1 hour performance in his house....however he was too drugged up to play so they waited 7 hours for him to sober up.  Confused

One quote that got me was

While waiting for the gig to start on Friday night, the singer's friend and "literary agent" Paul Roundhill said: "This guy loves Pete. It's going to be really great. I just hope Pete is straight enough to perform.

"I think someone might have given him some drugs as he's out of it at the moment. But I'm going to wake him up when they get here."

I thought the idea of leaving London was to get away from the temptations of dealers and "literary agents". Confused

Quadrophenia wrote:
If he plays one party for money, what's to stop him playing another? Don't be a martyr for Saint Pete.

You're the new Beau 'The Prophet' Carter.

I'm flattered, pusherman. I'm also right, which means I get to use the phrase I TOLD YOU SO.

Re: Pete Plays Gig In Front Room For 15,000

MP3s of the gig (the 15000 sessions...similar to the 77 demos)

Thankyou very much Very Happy

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