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P.D to rock against racism

EXCLUSIVE: We reveal new info on Pete's solo album...
Babyshambles man Pete Doherty is expected to play in London alongside South London band The Thirst at the monthly Rock Against Racism night in Brixton bar the Jamm on February 8- this Friday.

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Legend Jerry Dammers, of The Specials fame, is set to DJ, alongside performances by The Others and The Mentalists.

Fresh after supporting The Sex Pistols recently, MTV News spoke exclusively to Mensah, lead singer of The Thirst, about the forthcoming event and what it’s been like working on Pete’s solo album (they're pictured together above).

"In between recording our own album which is out in a few months, we’ve worked with Pete at his studio on his new material and it went really well, there’s some really diverse tracks. We worked on two tracks called ‘My Endz’ and ‘New Love’.," he said.

Mensah continued: "The R.A.R & LMHR gigs are important to us because we think its important to have a responsibility for the impact you have on your fans with your creativity. We think they are great gigs to be involved with, we are really looking forward to it.”
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babybear on fdb says isnt confirmed he'll play

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