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studio updates
Postman Pete and his, err, black and white cat?
Due to drug areest and that shit
drugs arrest again
Pete + Kate = big row
Favourite Shambles song
Drew Album Updates.... (Robbed from FDB)
pete on fdb
NME: Pete Doherty - 'I've finished my acoustic album'
New Hackney Empire Videos....I Think
Pete Doherty Solo Show
An Evening With.... up on dimeadozen.
Myspace Artwork (covers)
new album collaborations *stole from fdb
HMS Albion
Stephen Street to produce new album
Cheap tickets?
Barrowlands DVD
Hackney DVD
That Bloke Bert?
Looking for some babyshambles songs
No one moderates this section then?
New Pete Song
pete "praised at drug hearing"
Wicked and tough!
Albion on the 12th
Shambles @ Edmonton Video
Request: An Evening With Pete[First Night] (04-11-07) mp3..?
An Evening With Pete Doherty TORRENT!
Shambles Myspace Blog
An Evening With Pete (04-12-07) mp3!
Hackney Empire (12-04-2007)....
audio rips
pictures of Pete and Carl reunion tonight @ hackney empire!
Carl plays Hackney Empire With Pete
It's shit, it's actually slightly funny...
Pics from Pete Solo @ The 12 Bar
new peter and carlos picture for anyone who cares
Journals by Peter Doherty
peter post on french dog blues
I just got the I get along EP
Accordng to NME....
Pete to dj at Gatecrasher's Summer Soundsystem festival
to much for you?
Post from Drew on
Barrowlands 07 Bootleg
ArenaShambles tickets on sale now.
Babyshambles Live At Manchester Ritz 2004 Download
carry on up the morning lyrics
Does anyone know....
Pete and Kate eyeing up houses
NME latest...'shambles fans spilt over arena tour....
Doherty Plans Army Gig
just watching babyshambles....
Arena Tour Bulletin
Shambles arena tour!?!?
4th October 2004 Underground SToke Gig
"Doherty Text Inspires Embroidery"
The official bootlegs...
is it only me
Barat and Doherty to Reunite on Record?
Peter Survives
Pete Doherty "off the record"
Babyshambles Live At Birmingham! Now with new link!
Starting a record label - need info!
Carl NME
Babyshambles Live @ Get Loaded 2006 bootleg! Here!
So who got tickets..........
Not A New Pic of Pete (sorry)
Carl to be best man
Babyshambles B-Sides/Unreleased Tracks
Download Thread
new pat walden video
Full Band Versions of the Stookie & Jim Sessions
2 'special' new Pete shows!
Mr Razzcocks - Early Libs recordings update
Some cheeky fucker on eBay...
Kate and Carl at the NME awards.....
Pete and Kate at the nme awards.....
pete and carl at the NME awards......
You're my waterloo ?
penguin problems
Brick Lane 2004/Fuck Forever @ Isle of White/Carling Live 24
Festivals etc.
The Facts about Paul Roundhill
Rhythm Factory Acoustic Bootleg!
Shambles Bootlegs?
Sessions/Bootlegs Artwork Thread
Stookie & Jim The Bumfest Demos Artwork
Shotgun on Doherty's tourbus
Mik And The Homemade Soup
Are Baby Shambles officially "not shit" anymore?
libs live bootlegs
Shambles Glasgow night 2 mp3!
sticky stuff
Guitar Tabs
Babyshambles the Opera
glasgow night 1 mp3
Barras Begger sells story
Shambles Manchester mp3....
I NEED a Spare ticket for Brixton
Possible message from Pete...
if anyones interested peter was in court again today...
Paul Roundhill
Time for Heroes-Trafalgar Square
Newish Tunes - Bootlegs or whaever
Fao Any Guitar Musios on the forums.
New charges for our Bilo...
bulletin from adam...
Rock Stars in Rehab
The Sun tomorrow/today as its nearly 3 am
French Dog Graffiti
up the hinge
NME awards
The Band.............
Doherty and Russ Brand
2 new pete doherty songs
upon the numbers..
Does anyone......
pete solo+babyshambles rhythm factory videos
New Long Term Deal
P in court today
Some videos from Selfridges car park gig.
One Hundred Men Video
Boogaloo tonight (15th)
Fuck's sake!
where has the general forum gone??
Pete arrested =(
Another bullitin from Adam
YET another Shambles shindig!
Bullitin from Adam
Message from Drew on
Shambles gig tonight, apparently.
Pete Cleared
Carry On Doherty
what's the latest?
Bound Together
Babyshambles in demand
pete and kate.....
Les Incompétents
Has this been posted?
Married apparently
Might be of interest to people here:
Why did Pete and Pat slug it out at Brixton ?
Oh wow
Quick Question?
MOre news on pete and kate
Highlight of 2006
petes my music folder..
Manchester Bootleg
Christmas present from the North :)
The Blinding
Bootleg Glasgow 25-05-06
Official Capitol release of LYBYG video on YouTube
Walden or Whitnall
ILYBYG considered for one of the Libertines albums?
Big favour
Babyshambles Bristol Video!
New songs guitar chords...
Another great piece of journalism
Hahahahahaha, now this IS ridiculous!
Possible Album Tracklist from Adam
Allo allo allo
New dates
Lyrics For Baddies Boogie(sp?) Please?
Help me please. . . . .
New Babyshambles site
im looking for the 'Albion Room Photos'
drews answer to the new newcastle song
Dot Allison on Doherty Duets
Tour Bootlegs?
Carry On Up The Morning Full Live Band Please?
NME (This week's and next's)
bound together fuck ups
new song from newcastle?
Manchester Gig
Is it just me or
what was that NME programme a couple of years back?
Johnny Headlock interview
Amelias Magazine ( prison diarys )
blinding video please?
More potential gigs?
any one on here play the harmonica?
Babyshambles NME Awards Show Announced
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