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No-Show at the Frequency-Festival

(from FDB:)

I'm very glad I didn't go in the end. Rolling Eyes

This is getting ridiculous,I mean,it's so disrespectful that he keeps leaving the other boys hanging...because he 'missed his flight'.Why do the other band-members manage to be there,and dear Pete fails to come to almost every third concert?

I'm gutted,and I can understand why many people have come to the point where they don't even care about him anymore.

Ok,I don't know what's going on there,if he really did miss his flight,or if there are some serious problems (apart from the obvious  Rolling Eyes )....
but still,it's depressing.

Wrong section, moved Wink

Rich wrote:
Wrong section, moved Wink

thanks  Wink

Im not really interested in his excuses anymore. Ill still listen to his and babyshambles music but hes been given enough chances to show babyshambles fans and his bandmates the respect they deserve and time and time again he fucks them over. There are plenty bands out there that manage to keep to their tour schedule fine and only miss gigs if there is a very good reason. The gigs should be a priority to repay fans for their loyalty but this is obviously not the case for him, and no wonder people nowadays are getting sick of it. I saw his solo show earlier in the year and it was great, but i said to myself that was the very last time ill make the effort. Seen them 3 times, and him solo once, and think thats enough.

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