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New Shambles song!

On Adam's myspace, live version of 'Pretty Soon'.

I rather like it!

(Called 'Pretty Sue shambles')

nice. is it an adam written song?

That is just fucking awful.

No real intro to speak of and the vocal take (even for demo) sounds like a million cats simultaneously getting the living shit kicked out of them.

It's just so bland like everything else they ever do anymore. It's so boring. Just really, really boring. Shit, horrible. I'm confused?

Tis not a demo, tis live from Bournemouth.
Shambles Smurph

for the mp3 of it, if you want. i think it has potential like 1939 returning Smile

Can you hear my mates having a punch up? Laughing there's some videos from bournemouth on youtube btw

Was from Brighton not Bournemouth gig.

I think it sounds pretty darn good!

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