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Make of this what you will

Date:  7 Jan 2008 14:19

Subject:  my lyrics the general santana lyrics.


hold on hold on in de ras , thats mine.
spy in the house, with "big brother with the big camera etc. thats mine
big nite out and every body just a jump and shout ,
lets do the hookie pokey and the one penny side winder,
In the blinding purple has lyrics like hear the thunder see the lightening.
more than likely the bass line I developed by 44 victoria crescent.
"you cant put that on me" ,its seems to b about i the general.
Who is making money out of who.
You ridiculous people.
How much more richer have you become since purple and i came around.
You exploiters .
All Iam saying dont use nothing that belongs to the General without my consent, stop taking I for granted freaks.
Terrible pain if you wont release my song I want this to be erase immediately remove from you tube, and all my written works in your books to erase or deleted instantly .
This time I am not joking, stop taking I for granted.
you people dont mean us any good.
Bless Allan wasp ,leftdefthand that title belongs to both of us ,as far as i concern,
allan band left hand ,iIsaid no call it deft hand , thats how this title came about,
yet Adam has been given a third , what has Allan Wass and the General gotten, nothing.
we are the egenderer , so who is making money out of who ? you, Is that debateable ? no
Check yuh self, be truthful. RATAFARI LIVES FOREVER . MORE FIRE

Has Pete finally got rid of the likes of The General, Ro, Alan Wass etc?

Pentonville pretty much ruins DIA, and Purple played with them once and embarrassed the fuck out of them.
pale thin boy

if he was any use he would have a decent career of his own to worry about. doesn't he realise if it wasn't for babyshambles no one would have heard of him, so he can't really complain about anything

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