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Make of this what you will PT 2

Date:  7 Jan 2008 14:34

Subject:  Yhey Are Happy To See The Back O KATE MOSS


 When this lady is around the TALENTED CHESEN ONE,
its was much harder for them to manipulate haul and pull him as they like,
she was like a protector a overseer.
anologies ,Hilary Clinton for Bill Clinton,
In the movioe trhe OMEN Damiens protector that lady who always dresses in full siut of black.
Thats what Kate Moss was to This Genius.
Now it seens they have orchestrated this divide, hence the breaking up of the POSH and BECKS of ROCK and ROLL. Ihate that. so they can have total controll of their money tree.
Dont enslave him .
Analytic works of trhe General

Jog on General.

Rolling Eyes

The POSH and BECKS of ROCK and ROLL???? What is this, fucking HEAT MAGAZINE??????? FFS.

Personally I think he is angry because now Pete is becoming a *little* more sensible work-wise and Parlophone have obviously told Pete to get shot of the cling ons, hence General being pissed.

To both rants I say : Pot, kettle, black

Wasn't The General the one who used Pete's name to pull in punters for a gig?

Hehe... just once or twice, usually accompanied by said 'General' doing one with the money.

Who cares what that character the general says to be honest, especially when its nonsense like that.

Bitter ramblings always make for interesting reading.

I think he might either have smoked too much whacky 'baccy or is dyslexic judging by his spelling.

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