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Live Manchester Ritz Sept. Pete Solo

anyone know stage times? its called live n late so how late is late?  Confused

Don't know but i'm off....

If he's half as good as last night your in for a treat boss Cool

And here's the review from the local rag:

great stuff, hope we get a few covers thrown in at manchester  Very Happy loved it when shambles played stone roses stuff, massive sing-a-long, what time did/has pete been coming onstage? im guessing 10.00 & adams band come on about 8.30. thanks, the tour looks like its getting better every gig  Cool

He came on at 10.30 in Bournemouth, did two sets.  Set list taken from french dog, I still can't remember the second song.  

Easily one the best times I've seen him/them, 25 times and rising  Very Happy

Ha Ha Wall
- ?
There She Goes (another heartache)
What A Waster
East Of Eden
Can't Stand Me Now
Campaign of Hate
Death On The Stairs
Lost Art of Murder
Good Old Days
Do You Know Me ?
You're My Waterloo
Dilly Boys
What Katie Did
I Wish
Fuck Forever
You Talk
Time For Heroes
Sheepskin Tearaway
Back from the Dead

Cheers, looking more forward to this now.

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