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Let's You and Me Swap

I need the "Beg, Steal or Borrow" single from Get Loaded. If you have one, sealed, I'll trade you 3, count 'em, THREE Japanese-only Libs CDS, all sealed / mint: "Up the Bracket", with obi-strip, jap / english lyric booklet, all that shit; the "Don't look back into the Sun" Japan-only EP with loads of B-sides and obi, lyric book, etc, and a promo-only "Up the Bracket" single (with 'leather jacket' pic on cover) with all-Japanese text and release information on the debut album ("London's Burning! Tokyo's Burning!") inside. They're all great, but I NEED that "Beg..." single. Anybody willing to swap, please PM.

I not willing to swop but can upload the cd for you?

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