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Is the FDB forum down?

Is the FDB forum down? I haven't been able to access it for a day or so - I just get a blank page?

Oh well, I'm here now. Hello.

Hello, french dog does appear to be down.  They've had problems with it for weeks now, look in the new video thread for the latest peter offering (the drunken bed), I quite like it Wink

Taken from myspace :

Currently the whole site is broken and it does not display at all. We have contacted the server people but have had no reply as yet, admin even tried ringing them but thier office hours are Mon-friday 9-5.


Sorry for any inconvienience.

Hound dog

Hopefully we will have the forum up and running soon. We have got some shiny new server people, lets hope they are a bit more competent that the last lot.

Admin is has to import some data first or whatever it is he does to make it work.

Hound dog

Back sometime next week I reckon so don't wait about people, what do you think of the latest video?

Is albionarks down too? Cant get on there either  Confused  (whirlpool?)

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