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how many weeks to go?


til what, he gets out? Hope he serves a full sentence, he shouldnt get star treatment because he is in an, as of now middle of the road indie band.

according to last week, he is about two weeksish into a fourteen week sentence.
Ricky Foley

Doherty, 29, will be automatically released after serving half his sentence and could be out of prison in a month if granted an earlier release under the End of Custody License scheme.

Should be out in 4 and a half or 5 from now or two weeks less if he's good..


Ricky Foley

I don't really understand our system, I think 7 weeks is fair enough, but why not sentence him to 7 and make him do it all rather than release half way through a 14 week sentence. The same applies to evryone else who gets sentenced, why do we not just give sensible sentences and keep the person in for the full duration...

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