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Emailed Mr.Ro

saying what a cock he was

to which i got the reply

" 375 silk screen blood prints, call me on .......... "

fool =/

p.s i wouldnt of even bothered mentioning this, but its dead around here lol

I text him and he was saying how they were dead cheap and how i should buy one now, the next day i got a text and it said it was from someone called cynthia, been getting texts all week

Does he think Peter is in jail for 14 years and not 14 weeks? Does he really think there will be no repercussions from doing this?

I think he has permission to do this anyway, wasn't he selling them before Peter went in the nick?

I messaged adam on myspace and he basically said do not buy anything off that cunt, theyre not original paintings much like pirated DVDS

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