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Birmingham last night

Never bothered posting here before but last night was so good i thought I should...

Tight set, over an hour and a half... set list pretty much as usual, except we got karma cham, and a coupla other songs I probably should know but can't think of right now. Great Pipedown, SOTR, BB, I Wish etc, etc. Even enjoyed YT, which I think is pretty embarrassing as a song, given Pete's ability to write. Delivery has sounded thin on some recent live stuff I've heard but it certainly wasn't last night!

Pete looked healthier than I've ever seen him - million miles from that depressing Arena documentary footage. Has lost a bit of weight (through a healthy diet only I hope!) Seemed sober as the proverbial judge to me...

Standing area pretty full but lots of seats roped off - and lots that were available unsold - the people of b'ham missed their chance as this looks (based on other reviews i've read of this tour) to have been the best gig by far up to now in terms of pete's mood/playing time/banter with audience.

The stage got absolutely showered with glasses/water/beer etc as COUTM kicked off - Pete took it in good part, saying at the close of the song something along the lines of..."Yeah, I forgot, you like to throw things in B'ham... got hit by a fucking badger last time I was here!"

Liked the screens at each side of the stage - the editing was tight and gave the whole event an extra dimension. All the band looked to be into the show, although Mik least so I thought, although maybe that is just his 'look' and he can't help it!

Bought a 15 Barrowlands DVD to support the boys (guess I could have d/loaded it somewhere for free, but it was only 15) so hope that's half as good as last night's show.

Was at the back of the standing area and happened to end up next to two couples who spent nearly the entire show taking pictures of each other - ???? WTF?? My two tickets came to 58 - why would you spend that and largely ignore the show to photograph yourself and your mates for an hour and a half?!! Did look a bit like they were tripping so maybe it was just that...

Anyway - anyone got the right setlist, or better still, MP3s?!!

Brilliant night - up the shambles!

Cheers for the review and welcome!

oh damn, I meant to say that earlier
Hi Very Happy

how come manchester sounds shit compared to all these reviews of the dates? Sad

hi guys, cheers! Very Happy

Hi and welcome to both of you.
the shambolian

Yeah nice review

I really wanted to go to one of these arena gigs!

soundofthenorth wrote:
how come manchester sounds shit compared to all these reviews of the dates? Sad

I think maybe because it was the opening night, was a huge venue in comparison to the usual babyshambles gig (and only about half- three quarters full) , and he did say he felt a bit rusty and found it weird doing a tour sober. I thought they sounded fantastic at manchester but just didn't look very comfortable. Bournemouth sounded just as great but Pete seemed far more relaxed. Do you really think they sounded shit in manchester?

well yeah. i mean the sound itself was poor standing & the set was poor. lookin at other gigs manchester got less songs (obviously due to pat not playing on 8 dead boys etc.). paying more money to see the band in manchester and hearing less tunes was sort of let down. but no the performance of many songs were ace, carry on up the morning was mega.
also know what you mean about the empty seats & the supposed sell out standing. was empty down there.

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