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Beg, steal or borrow. the official babyshambles story

I meant to start a thread about this afew weeks back.  Anybody else read it?

Personal gripes aside (koko back in 2004 being described as uneventful springs to mind!) I found it to be an interesting and informative read.  

Thoughts people?

ooh! either no-one else has read it, or they're all being shy (or maybe waiting for santa to bring it?)
I found it pretty much all interesting to read, but not the sort of thing I can see myself re-reading much (if ever).
I don't think the writer has much talent beyond asking questions and transcribing - whenever he chipped in, it made the story stumble rather than add to it. I got the feeling that the plus side was he knew the band and had access to them all for interviews; the down side was someone else could have done a better job of then making a book.
The main fault I'd say was that some events/aspects were either skipped over or missed out, while other less interesting ones were over-done. EG you get about 15 different people's takes on Get Loaded, including a few which added nothing, rather than half a dozen interesting ones. Too much emphasis on recent stuff and not enough on earlier times. I guess that was inevitable as he spoke to current management and they could only give their take on recent events. But I thought they were over-used when their comments often didnt really add anything extra. Again, not their fault, more the fault of the writer. Also as he was lucky enough to speak to Pete, I was slightly disappointed that he didn't really seem to ask him anything about songwriting or more on non-tabloid type events.
Score: 3/5, + if you're a medium or big fan, essential reading (along with Bound Together and Kids In The Riot - the latter of which I think is still the best Pete/Libs/Shambles related book)

not read it

Kids in the riot is too pro Peter for my liking, bound together is proberly the best of the bunch.

Adam, Drew and Mik come out as heroes in this book I feel. How the band has managed to stay together beggers belief.  Alot of the stories you've read in the papers turn out to be just that, stories.

This book is worth a read for those who haven't read it yet, ps don't get in a car which peter's driving Wink

Got it for Christmas, but spent most of the time looking at the photos of Pete. He looks so fresh faced in some

Just bought it but i haven't had chance to look at it.

Towards the end of the book the author wrties as if Babyshambles are on their last legs, seems that way from what the band write as well.

They've (nearly) always been on their last legs. Part of their initial appeal to me was when you saw them they played like they were likely to split tomorrow.

I bought this 2 or 3 weeks ago but not got round to reading it yet. Must do so soon.

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