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babyshambles t-shirt

anyone know where to find one of these t-shirts ?

they look cool, i wanted to buy one but the ones on the babyshambles website are quite shite actually.


I got one afew years back, on the stone me tour, thought at the time the quality wasn't good but it has stood the test of time. do t-shirts but I think you'll find they are all made in the same place so it doesn't matter where you get it from.

i got the 2nd one down, did it myself n took it to the printers, doesnt say , i aint gaffa taped , and wrote " I AM " on it though

They were selling the second one down on ebay for 5 when I checked last week.
Wa Wa

Speaking of shambles merch I got a very sad act keyring/mirror at the Barrowlands - impressive for its naffness alone!

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