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Babyshambles man to release solo single

...No, it's not Pete   Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek will release a solo EP later in summer 2008, and will precede the release with a low-key run of one-track singles soon.

Ficek has announced, via his Roses, Kings, Castles MySpace site, that he will hand-produce 300 CDs featuring his song, ‘Sparkling Bootz’,

The star will send the CDs out to fans who send an self-addressed envelope to him.

Ficek has also revealed that the low-key release will be followed up later in the year with an independently-released EP, due for release in the summer.
Ricky Foley

Shocked  Very Happy
Sounds Good, can't wait.
I really like some of the stuff on his myspace and some is ok and then there's Pretty Sue live in Paris... Laughing

It's good to see he's going to get an offical release though, seems like a nice guy who works hard at what he does and deserves to do well.

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