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Babyshambles Glasgow

Absolutely Outstanding. I really didn't expect a lot from them, considering the venue is massive but i had a brilliant time. I missed Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong but caught all of The View, they really got the crowd going. Drew joined The View onstage for Same Jeans, he played harmonica. Pete nor the band said much, he stopped after Carry On Up The Morning to say "It's good to be home" and then continued to play. He also dedicated Unstookietitled to "Stookie Macbastard" and another song to Amy Winehouse, who he wishes well.

In no particular order they played:

I Wish
Baddie's Boogie
The Good Old Days
Lost Art of Murder
Beg, Steal, Borrow
Back From The Dead
Crumb Begging Baghead
There She goes (A.L.H)
You Talk
Fuck Forever
Build Me Up Buttercup
Side Of The Road

The stage set up was brilliant, I even thought the sound was alright. They were so tight and it's probably the best I've ever seen them live.
Ricky Foley

Cool. Very Happy

What was I Wish, Torn and The Good Old Days like????

Pete played Good Old Days and a bit of Torn I think, I think Mik joined in as well. Mik played I wish. They were really good, The Good Old Days made me smile.

PS - If I ever find the cunt who smuggled Buckfast in during The View I will personally hunt them down. They ruined my jumper.

Bootleg courtesy of tufty for anyone interested

Beat me to it Laughing
Ricky Foley

Quadrophenia wrote:
Bootleg courtesy of tufty for anyone interested

I Wish sounding as good as ever, as well as The Good Old Days Very Happy

And you got Build Me Up ButterCup as well ya lucky so and so's! Laughing

I enjoyed it too. Couldn't believe it when Good Old Days came in, what a moment that was.

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